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  • The healthy benefits of Pumpkin seed

    1. InsecticidePumpkin seed is mild deworming medicines. It can expel parasites such as pinworms, hookworms and roundworms in the intestine. Pumpkin seed is particularly suitable for deworming children. You only need to have your children eat some raw pumpkin seeds and it will not irritate or damag

  • Eating peanuts like this doubles the healthy benefits

    Therapeutic value:1. Lower cholesterol: The linoleic acid contained in peanuts oil can decompose cholesterol in the body into bile acid and excrete it from the body, which can avoid the deposition of cholesterol in the body and reduce the occurrence of various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular dis

  • Preserved date- Soul of Dragon Boat Zongzi

    The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese festival. Preserved date Zongzi is a delicacy of the Dragon Boat Festival every year. The main ingredients are glutinous rice and preserved date, and preserved date is the essence of zongzi, which is a nourishing food with high nutritional value.The

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