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 Production Advantage 
The company covers more than 60000 square meters and  invested more than 8 million US dollars in fixed assets.
 Corporate Culture 
The company takes"Expect Goods,Quality First"as its aim,and takes"Seek Perfect,Always Win Top-Grade"as its enterprise spirit.
 Quality Assurance 
It possesses a strong technical and managerial force.The company has passed ISO 9001:2015, HACCP,BRC system certification.
Shandong Guanghua Agricultural Product Co.,Ltd., which was established in 1988, located in Xiangdi Industrial Development Zone, Junan County, Shandong Province. Guangyuan Import&Export Co.,Ltd, and one Beijing Branch are included.  The company covers more than 60000 square meters and invested more than 8 million US dollars in fixed assets.
High-quality products
Preferential price
Systemic after sale service
Wide range of global customers 
Considerations About China's Response To The Global Coronavirus Disease
Through the Customs import and export data of medical products in recent years, we noticed that with the spread of the coronavirus disease globally, many countries have large gaps in antivirus products like masks and protective clothing,etc. They hope to purchase from China.After the outbreak of cor
Peanut butter toast- simple happiness
Love life, love food.It is an extremely happy thing enjoying delicious breakfast elegantly at home. With toast, this small goal can be achieved easily. Today I would like to share with you an aromatic and soft peanut butter toast, which can also be made by a green hand. Don’t say much, just learn! I
A cuisine,wake up your memory
1.When you are youngThis is the best age in our lifeTeachers always let you recite the textsThere are classmates romping togetherHave the longest winter and summer holidaysCome back home after finishing one day’s studyA plate of roasted and salted peanuts is always on the tableThe more you chew, the
What food do you think of with the coming of Spring?
No winter will not pass,No spring will not come.Spring is the season when everything grows.The cherry blossoms are already in full bloom in Wuhan. Yesterday was snowy like flowers while flowers are snowy today.At this time, cool noodle is waking up everyone's sleeping taste bud quietly.Brings a refr
Breakfast Delicacy-Cedoz
Cedoz is one of the most common snacks in Hong Kong tea restaurants,which is also referred to as ‘cido’. It is said that this dessert was introduced from France, so it is also called "French Toast ".Simple ingredients can make up a delicious taste that is sweet but not greasy, crispy and soft, and c
Amazing Peanut Butter:Moved By The Warm-heart Peanut Butter Steamed Bread Rolls
Peanut butter stuffing steamed bread roll is rich in nutrition. It is easy to digest as a kind of classical Chinese staple foods, especially for the elders and children. The making method is very easy.When it comes to weekend or festivals, why not make a plate of delicious peanut butter stuffing ste
Cooking is a trip in situ
Wander in spicy, slavering after peanut flavor Fragrance on lips and teeth, beautiful as flower Bring you an extraordinary taste feast The victory of Kung Pao chicken meets spicy peanuts Lingering cucumber and shredded carrots The newly lover in the food industry, enjoyment on the tip of the tongue
Nutritional value of dried pineapple
There is no difference in nutritional value between dried pineapple and pineapple. Pineapple itself is rich in nutrients, including sugar, protein, fat, vitamin, etc, especially vitamin C content is the highest. According to expert research, pineapple contains proteolytic enzymes, which can break do


The company takes"Expect Goods,Quality First"as its aim,and takes"Seek Perfect,Always Win Top-Grade"as its enterprise spirit.




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