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Ripe season of apricots

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It's the harvest season of apricots year after year. There is no doubt that apricots are the main character today. By this time of year, our company's apricots can be harvested. Looking at these plump apricots, are you drooling too? Many consumers will buy more at this time of year and want to enjoy themselves at a time. However, fresh apricots can not keep fresh long and will be easily deteriorated. So how can consumers satisfy taste buds and prevent apricots from rotting easily? Come and follow me to find out!


Apricot is a kind of fruit with high nutritional value, which contains rich protein, vitamins, sugar, iron, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, carotene and other nutrients beneficial to human body. Apricots are mainly sour and sweet. Preserved apricots will not only keep the sour and sweet taste, but also have certain benefits for human health. Besides, making preserved apricots can also prolong the preservation time of apricots. Thus, how can we make delicious preserved apricots? Now let's explain in details.


The first step is material selection. Fruit with thick and hard meat, orange and yellow skin, fresh and full, normal flavor, no mold, no insect damage and no mechanical damage can be selected as the production raw materials.

The second step is to cut the selected raw materials in halves and remove the cores. Cut the washed apricots in half along the fruit seam and remove the cores.

The third step is to boil the cut apricots with sugar: apricots have more water, thin cell walls and fine tissue. When cooking in a pan, sugar solution is difficult to penetrate into the fruit, so multiple times of soaking and cooking are required.Prepare three concentrations of Sugar solution at 40%, 50% and 70% out of granulated sugar melting at 80℃. Boil the apricot bowls from low concentration to high concentration for separately 1 minute, 3 minutes and 15 minutes, pour the sugar solution together with apricot into the cylinder and soak for 24 hours respectively.

The last step is baking. Take out the apricot bowls soaked with sugar for three times, control the sugar solution on the surface, and place apricot bowls evenly upward. Set temperature at 65℃, and after baking for 14 hours.When the apricots are not sticky and feel elastic,the preserved apricots will be ready.

     Do you want to try the delicious preserved apricots? Look, fresh preserved apricots with temperature are out of the oven! How do you like it?



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