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Guanghua signed a contract with live E-commerce to implement a new development strategy

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On the afternoon of May 22, the "Live E-commerce into Foreign Trade Enterprises" activity sponsored by Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce was grandly launched, which was held in Jinan and Linyi simultaneously. The Provincial Department of Commerce actively organized well-known live E-commerce service institutions to connect with foreign trade enterprises switching to domestic market, and helped foreign trade enterprises to develop domestic market and reduce the pressure of export obstruction through live broadcast. At the same time, this activity will be used to vigorously guide foreign trade enterprises to develop new E-commerce business, innovate sales models and drive enterprise transformation.


Xu bing bo, director of electronic commerce office department of Shandong Provincial commerce department and other relevant leaders including Lin YI provincial government party group member and deputy mayor Liu XianJun attended the launching ceremony and delivered a speech.



Shandong Guanghua Agricultural product Co.,Ltd. as the first batch of well-known enterprises signed the contract successfully. The New City strategy has undergone strict consideration in many aspects regarding the selection of live broadcast products and companies. As a key agricultural product export enterprise in Linyi City, our company is the first one in the industry passing the FDA on-the-spot factory certification, and has obtained ISO9001: 2015 quality management system certification, HACCP international food safety certification, and BRC international certification. Our products are exported to Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Japan, South Korea as well as African countries and have won the trust and support of customers from various countries for many years. During the activity, Wu Xueshi, the project manager of our company, fully demonstrated the company's special products, roasted and spicy peanut kernels and peanut butter. With the unique tastes and excellent product quality, these two products quickly attracted the attention of the anchors. They said that such a good product should not only shine in foreign countries, but also enter the sight of our Chinese consumers. They need to stop at our taste buds! In addition of the experience of public welfare live stream held by famous actor Guo Xiaodong, these two kinds of products were successfully chose and signed by anchors. 


With the fast development of live E-commerce,it makes continuous contributions to the development of society economy.It helps the recovery of economy faster under the strict epidemic influence.This activity caught this chance finding this method to help foreign trade enterprises.Innovate new ways to help the enterprises developing and come across the international challenge.This strategy is targeted to open wide the domestic market of foreign trade enterprises and increase their brand influence.Enterprises open the market and citizens benefit,which is really win-win!


As one of the most important strategic cooperation enterprises,Guanghua will spare every effort to bring the best products to consumers.For production,we will keep the meticulous attitude.As an enterprise,we cherish every opportunity to develop!Under the challenge of the global economic downturn,we always believe that the road is opened by human beings and it is right under our feet!



The company takes"Expect Goods,Quality First"as its aim,and takes"Seek Perfect,Always Win Top-Grade"as its enterprise spirit.




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