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Guanghua Takes Over the Task of Assisting in Construction of Peanut Town

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Barren mountain becomes golden mountain and hills turn into good fields. As the first comprehensive land improvement project in Linyi city, Junan county vigorously promotes the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy.It introduces social capital as the breakthrough point, taking the government as the leading role and enterprises as the main body, taking marketing operation and offering socialized service as the new land improvement model.Since last November, It has been 5,580 acres of cultivated land, and 50,000 acres of peanuts has been planted, forming an ecological livable and intensive new agricultural pattern.Through the introduction of new varieties and new technologies, Junan county would fully develop peanut industry. Meanwhile, with the help of leading enterprises, the mode of "Factory, Base and Farmer" is implemented to build a peanut town to boost the rural revitalization.

As one of the provincial agricultural products export leading enterprise, Shandong Guanghua Agricultural Products Co., Ltd uses its own advantage, realizing the seamless docking between the market and the base,and plays an positive role in  the improvement of production for farmers and solving employment problems of the surrounding labors.

Lu Honglei, deputy General Manager of Guanghua, said in the interview,"At present, our peanut and peanut products production lines has evolved to 12, producing more than 10 varieties, with an annual production capacity of over 20,000 tons." "We mainly export to the Middle East, Europe, the United States and other regions.The annual foreign exchange earnings reached RMB 200 million. The creation of the peanut town and the implementation of standardized management of peanut planting has improved the production.The optimization adjustment of the new peanut planting industry also brings a development opportunity for peanut processing enterprises.We are willing to help farmers to win the poverty alleviation battle along with the government and contribute our strength to the development of rural resolution."



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